Sunday 6.20.2010

We now have most of the time sensitive projects behind us – time for some strategic planning.  Need a little list here.  Or, in my case…a spreadsheet is always the answer.  First BIG project in the non-printing category – Find more wholesale partners!!  This is a sales job – at which I am fairly lame… determined though.

Then the 3 big printing projects for the summer.

  • Put together our Holiday line and get it printed (then…selling it would be good). We are going to use mostly our in-house vintage cuts – We have a really nice collection of holiday themes.
  • Start putting together that shoved-aside-to-get-ready-for-NSS Wedding Book. We have 6 great designs that need to be printed for the book and for samples.
  • Rework our Vintage Cuts line – need to add some verbiage and make the line more cool!! Also, want to add to the existing line – we have 100’s of cuts…. thinking too of using these for some non-card items too – tags, coasters….who knows..

I am also on the hunt for a Vandercook Press… there I said it out loud.

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