Monday 3.22.2010

It’s all about the new rollers.  Worked all weekend to understand what having new rollers means.  Easy to put on, easy to ink ….bitch to clean. Takes twice as long – work at it twice as hard…maybe it gets better?  I can tell you this we will NOT be having days where I change ink 7 times!

Had to massively adjust the rails! Completely reinvent inking – just different – don’t know why… Packing different too! Got 2 cards of the Jane line done.

Then… worked at the ‘real ‘ job all day – got home at 7:00pm.  Now I have worked on the line sheet and catalog (press kit stuff) for 3 hours… it is coming along – but who knew it would take this long?

Too tired to talk – adios. (whine-whine)

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